BAM - Sketch comedy

Artist Biography 表演者資歷

BAM are:

Matt Hutchinson
Matt Hutchinson has been described as the most technological advance comedian in Hong Kong. Some call his sens of humor ‘medium whimsy’ but he thinks that sounds like the name of a fart. Matt grew up in a seaside town in the south west of England in the 90’s. He writes organic free range jokes. Some may contain gluten and nuts.

AJ Backhouse
AJ Backhouse delivers his unique perspective of growing up with a mixed racial identity to the Hong Kong stand up comedy scene. A regular of the open mic nights (primary for the free beer) an also on the Take Out Comedy rotation (also for the free beer) – stand up comedy makes his alcoholism slightly more economical.

Bhavin Bhuptani
Don’t be fooled by Bhavin’s pompous British accent or sesquipedalian tendencies – for behind the mask of effortless high brow wit sits a buffoon hoping the audience doesn’t catch on. Bhavin has delivered his word play and observations of being a parent, husband and all round beta male to audiences in London, New York and Hong Kong. Now Bhavin is banding forces with Matt & AJ to bring a devastatingly hilarious sketch show to Hall Of Laughs Festival! BAM!

  • Price 價錢


  • Date + Time 日期+時間

    30 September 2018
    7pm – 8pm

  • Language 語言

    English 英文

  • Show type 類型

    Sketch Comedy

  • Venue 場地

    7 Mallory Street, Wanchai