Matt Hutchinson does a thing

I am going to do something for an hour. It might be some new material, it could be a dress rehearsal for a sketch show or a live podcast. I might try some juggling or battle rap. I just got a nintendo switch maybe we could hook that up to the tv and you bring your extra joy con and we all take turns playing 8 way bomberman. This could be the time i kick of my chiptune producer act. Maybe sit on a couch and have a funny chat with another comedian. Or just watch a lot of youtube. This is a festival let’s push the boat out. No video or flash photography!

Artist Biography 表演者資歷

Matt Hutchinson has been described as the most technological advance comedian in Hong Kong. Some call his sens of humor ‘medium whimsy’ but he thinks that sounds like the name of a fart. Matt grew up in a seaside town in the south west of England in the 90’s. He writes organic free range jokes. Some may contain gluten and nuts.
  • Price 價錢


  • Date + Time 日期+時間

    28 Sept 2018
    8pm – 9pm

  • Language 語言

    English 英文

  • Show type 類型

    Stand up comedy 棟篤笑

  • Venue 場地

    7 Mallory Street, Wanchai