Tea and Coffee with Ryan Hynek + Nick Milnes

Nick Milnes & Ryan Hynek are…

Tea and Coffee

A Brit and a Yank spill the beans on expat life in Hong Kong.
… and why they’re not going home just yet

Hosted by Mahesh Mansigani

Artist Biography 表演者資歷

“Very likeable and very funny!”
– Jami Gong (Founder, TakeOut Comedy)

“A half-hour worthy of Comed Central”
– Fukuoka Now Magazine

“One of my favorite comedians to watch live”
– Turner Sparks (Founder, Kung Fu Comedy)

  • Price 價錢


  • Date + Time 日期+時間

    23 September 2018
    7pm – 8pm

  • Language 語言

    English 英文

  • Show type 類型

    Stand up comedy 棟篤笑

  • Venue 場地

    7 Mallory Street, Wanchai